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Taru, we're coming again! Visit 3

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The Undugu Mentorship Initiative Secretariat in collaboration with the Kenya Keys Organization ( ) invite you on 17th March 2012 to join them as they visit 3 schools in Kwale, Taru region: Samburu, Mackinon and Taru Secondary Schools. The team of mentors meet for a short briefing at Makupa Service Station, Mombasa at 7.00am on 17.03.2012.

The team will be segmented into two groups: group A heads to Samburu Secondary School while group B heads to Mackinon Secondary School both located on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. After the morning session, the two groups converge at Taru Secondary School for a joint afternoon session. After the joint session, the team will leave Taru back to Mombasa.

Both Group A and B are expected to begin their mentorship activities at 9am. Both schools are mixed schools with a population of around 320 each. There will be emphasis on group and focus discussions with the students. We encourage each mentor to identify at least 5 students whose progress they will monitor and guide after the visit.

Both groups converge at Taru Secondary School at 1pm ready for the afternoon session. The school has around 420 students, both boys and girls. There will be brief analysis of KCSE performance followed by group focus discussions. Mentors who have been in this school before will identify and follow up on their mentees with a view of monitoring their progress in class. We encourage new mentors to identify a manageable number of students that they will guide and monitor after the visit.

There are at least 200 students beneficiaries of the Kenya Keys Oeganization from the region in these three schools.


  1. The major reasons for poor school performance at the Coast region are Attitude-related
  2. On this day alone, we have an opportunity to interact with more than 1000 students.
  3. Teachers have confirmed that attitude change can be influenced when old students of the schools speak to the current students.
  4. The effect of this interaction can transcend schooling period, sometimes creating completely new life and career opportunities for the mentee; with its positive results immeasurable.
  5. To successfully achieve this objective, we need to maximize the number of volunteer mentors.


Taru region is just 80km from Mombasa town. We appeal to each one of us to invite friends to come along for this noble task. The 1 day return-trip costs only KSh.500 per volunteer.

Please confirm attendance by replying to this e-mail.**Undugu-branded pilot shirts are still available on order. Please e-mail your details for your order.

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