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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

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Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Timbila Boys High School

Timbila Boys High School


Role Modelling

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Through this programme, the organization identifies responsible adults who have excelled in one field or another within a certain community. We have attracted a good number of persons who grew up in the rural settings but after schooling migrated to towns where they settled and rarely visits their rural communities. We organize events such as youth meeting, workshops and other forums in their region with participants being drawn from areas where they will have direct influence.

These Role Models need not be what everyone considers successful; what is important is the tenacity admired by some of the people younger than them. They may also be former students of particular schools that benefit from our programmes and have offered their support to the school. We define a Role Model as someone who mirrors values and instills the values that make another a better person.

These persons are the agents of change and spearhead sensitization programme for attitude change within their communities. They also participate in different forums within their localities to share their experiences and encourage the youth to avoid bad/risky behavior including HIV/Aids, alcohol and drug abuse.

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