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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

Ngao Girls Secondary School

Malindi High School

Mahoo Girls Secondary School

Kenyatta High School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Timbila Boys High School

Timbila Boys High School



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This is our flagship project.This programme’s main goal is to realize improved academic performance in the region and therefore create increased enrolment of students into universities and other institutions of higher learning. This programme works to influence students in secondary schools to make appropriate decision and take responsibility for the choices they make. It is aimed at awakening the desire to excel and a meaningful lifestyle.  At this level, most students are undergoing a period in life where they need a mature adult to show direction and concern. This is an age that students have a lot of vigor and if not directed towards the right course then social ills may crop in. 

We define Student Mentoring as a one-to-one relationship between a student and an adult that occurs over a prolonged period of time. The Mentor provides consistent support, guidance, and concrete help to a student who is in need of a positive role model. Students involved in the Mentoring programme may be going through a difficult and challenging situation, a period of life in which they need extra support.

The setting of performance targets with the help of a mentor help students stay focused.  Within our pool of mentors we have diverse professions, which give an opportunity for the students to interact with persons in line with their particular careers of choice. These interactions enable students to widen their scope into available careers. We embrace consistency through repeat visits & follow up. We help the students set performance target. This forms the basis of follow up and helps evaluate whether the student is on track and whether intended results are being achieved. 

On every school visit we conduct a well-researched presentations on a topical subject to the entire school. Then we proceed to focus group discussion and thereafter one-on- one discussion for the students who have pressing question and need specific guidance.  Through the secretariat we follow closely the performance of the selected students and for subsequent visits, the mentor must find time to meet with these specific mentees. 

We pride in the fact that we have mentors who are from different career inclinations. These include Teaching, Lecturing, Law, Medicine, Banking, Accounting, Insurance, Media & Journalism, Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, Engineering & Technical Fields, Procurement, Social Work, Tourism, Clearing & Forwarding, Environment & Conservation, Entrepreneurship & Business, and Civil Service among others.

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