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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

Ngao Girls Secondary School

Malindi High School

Mahoo Girls Secondary School

Kenyatta High School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Timbila Boys High School

Timbila Boys High School



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The organization brings together professionals, in diverse fields, who have the passion of making a difference in the lives of the youth and students. These individuals must be responsible adults with high moral values and are the mentor members. However for those professionals who may not be available for actual mentoring, they still register as partner/sponsor members. They will offer resources, financially or otherwise  in support of the mission and vision of the organization. Corporates are also accepted as corporate members. Registration is by invitation by an existing member and the secretariat shall get in touch for additional information and vetting. If application is approved then the applicant is scheduled for induction.

Undugu Mentorship Initiative programmes are supported by the mentors, sponsors and partners through direct contribution and when called upon to fund specific events. We have had a few Corporates giving one off donation which go a long way in complimenting the Mentors’ contributions. The Resource Mobilization Team is working round the clock to ensure going forward we put in place a strategy with a view of attracting corporate sponsors/partners who shall financially support organization’s programmes. However strategically we would not wish to rely fully on donation as this would jeopardize sustainability in the event a sponsor/partner pulls out. ‘We have embraced openness and accountability to all our members and partners. To achieve this goal, we have outsourced professional services in ensuring our books are in order.

 Sponsorship includes monies intended for running the programmes, grants to needy schools, sponsorship for fees to needy students etc.

Our Bank Account details are:

Undugu Mentorship Initiative, 

Bank of Africa, Nyerere Avenue Branch
A/C No. 02039630001

Equity Bank Moi Avenue Branch, 
A/c 0250195237623

Our Partners:

+254-721-255-235 | +254-721-203-452
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