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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

Ngao Girls Secondary School

Malindi High School

Mahoo Girls Secondary School

Kenyatta High School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Timbila Boys High School

Timbila Boys High School


Community Advocacy

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This programme is designed to change attitude of the people and the community in regard to issues related to education and parenting. Parents need to be informed of their role in bringing up children molded in values that enhance responsibility and well-being of the society. Under this programme, parents and community at large are sensitized to embrace a culture of prioritizing education as a permanent investment in improving their social economic challenges. We try as much as possible to present and demonstrate the correlation between schooling and quality of life and poverty reduction. 

The Wapwani Tusome Campaign falls under this programme and is a call to all people living within Kenya’s Coast region to take responsibility of ensuring the education standards of the region improves. This campaign is being undertaken in collaboration with stakeholders in education in the Coast region. It is a concerted effort that will bring all these parties on board to ensure that the coastal region competes effectively in education outcomes with other regions in the country. 

The campaign is intended to address prevalent problems affecting education in this region which include: 
- A lukewarm attitude by parents (communities) towards academics and schooling. 
- Cultural attitudes that negatively affect the education of girls in the coastal region 
- Lack of support and investment by the coastal communities in education matters 
- Lack of involvement by professionals and leaders in education matters

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