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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

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Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

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How it all Began

Since inception, we purposely designed several team-building activities to grow the team spirit and master group dynamics. Within the same period we shared our thoughts with stakeholders in education specifically teachers and we would conduct research on particular topics before discussion. We established a secretariat in 2009 where we introduced Personal computers and Bureau services before registering with the Mombasa Municipal Council as a Computer College. However, the envisaged income was not forthcoming and so we closed the secretariat in November 2009. The secretariat however helped us in identifying schools to participate in the Pilot of the Mentorship Programme for Secondary Schools.

In June 2009 we piloted the mentoring programme and had a successful official launch on February 2010 and since then, we have added over 30 new schools to the programme. We have also had sessions with non-student youths, parents and stakeholders in the education sector at different levels including visits to local churches with a key focus on creating sustainable opportunities for education and seeking solutions to the key challenges that have affected education in the localities. The journey has not been without challenges; but we have chosen to push on with the journey of success. Because we believe we have been called for this generation.


For the last five years we have been working with Schools Administration and Career, Guiding &Counseling departments in consistently following up on the performance of the students not only on the academic front but also on social growth. We have developed a close relationship with teacher students. Evaluation of the programme by teachers reveals a positive impact in students’ academic performance, self esteem, determination to attaining their career goals, confidence and self discipline. We have had several mentorship visits to the schools with former students (within the pool of Mentors) taking a lead role as role models and mentors. We have achieved among others:

  • We have reached and interacted with over 10,000 students in different schools within Coast Province.

  • Growing number of interested volunteers: It is indeed encouraging to see the many professionals that are registering as volunteer mentors. They are ready to give their time and resources to reach out to students and youth.

  • Teacher in the benefiting schools have given positive feedback on the impact of our programmes: We are receiving new invitations from schools/teachers that have heard good report of our mission. In addition, there is good feedback on self esteem and confidence of students including those in disadvantaged rural schools

  • Our members appointed as members of Boards of management: Some school Head teachers have made prior plan to reach and consult our mentors and even some have incorporated our members into their school Boards of management.

  • Improved academic performance. Schools in our mentoring programme have generally had improved academic performance. For instance, our initial visit was at Dr Aggrey High school that had a mean score of 5.2 then; Currently they are at 7.6. Part of the credit is attributed to our consistent follow up on the students.

  • Beneficiaries are speaking about how we have impacted their lives. A number of them have been interviewed and offered very good words for the programme.More so, many have joined the organization as peer mentors. Most of these Peer mentors have joined University and colleges.

  • Invitations to various schools during events such as parent’s day and academic days. This is to lend support to teachers and speak to parents on issues that relate to their students and the support required for improved academic. The Schools have embraced us as partners in working toward improving academic performance.

  • Our members are being invited as guest and speakers to forums outside schools by Ministry Education officials, tertiary institution among others. This is in recognition of our contribution towards education in the region. In March 2013 Undugu Mentorship trained Women in Maritime in East and Southern Africa (WOMESA) to help them roll out an intensive mentoring programme for girls to join the maritime industry.

  • We have facilitated the revival and establishment of clubs particularly Maths clubs in schools. This is in an attempt to change perception that maths is a difficult subject.Also,we have been supplying past examination papers to the benefitting schools. We purchase the exam paper from well performing schools and mock exams in regions particularly upcountry that do well in national examination. The past paper is used for revision and practise. They also helps to give teachers the array of probable question expected in a national examination.

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