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Mentorship & Leadership Camp 1

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The 209 students got an exposure of being in a university setting and this made them have the motivation of working hard to be able to go to a university.

The students also got to interact with various professionals including the governor who is an engineer, a doctor, academicians, government officials, bankers among others. All these people made the students get the basic touch of a life of their dream careers.

The students interacted with fellow champions from the county which made them aware that they were no longer competing in their schools or county but nationwide.

The students got to interact with examiners who gave them tips on how to excel in different subjects. The examiners also helped them to understand the exam panel and markers perspectives.

The students were also privileged to have mentors talking to them on various issues and encouraging them that they can excel in life. They got to hear personal experiences of people who had failed at some point in life but never gave up. This made them know that they should not give up when they fail once and they should also keep trying. A facilitator told them that the word FAIL means first attempt in learning.

The students were also given spiritual nourishment and examples from Jesus’ lineage that had all sorts of sinners but still God chose it to be the Messiah’s lineage. This made the students understand that they too can rewrite their history through the help of God.

Two grade A students shared their academic journey which made the students know that they can also be able to achieve grade A like them.

Various video clips with powerful messages were also shown to the students and this made them get to understand the various topics like the fear of failure, education, choices, power of the dream and what to do with failure.

A game about protecting their dreams was important as it enabled the students to know that they should believe in their dreams and not listen to outsiders.

The power of positive thinking and having positive affirmations was emphasized by most speakers and this enabled the students to get to be motivated to believe in themselves.

Career guidance, entreprenuership and leadership skills were also some of the topics that were key and this enabled the students to understand their careers and to have confidence as leaders.



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