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Kombeni Girls Secondary School Career Day

Kilifi Township Secondary School

Ngao Girls Secondary School

Malindi High School

Mahoo Girls Secondary School

Kenyatta High School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Eldoro Girls Secondary School

Timbila Boys High School

Timbila Boys High School


Welcome to Undugu Mentorship Initiative

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Undugu Mentorship Initiative is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working with Secondary Schools’ students and the youth in Counties within Kenya's Coast region. Undugu Mentorship Initiative is concentrating in the Counties within the region that have lagged behind in matters of education and development. The organization envisages every responsible adult taking responsibility to offer support, guidance and motivation to the young generation. Our model is to recruit individuals who have a passion for volunteerism and are expected to motivate, inspire and share their life experience with the students (mentees) in order to influence them more

The Undugu Mentorship Secretariat

Undugu Mentorship Initiative NGO has a registered office on City Grocers Building- Haile Selassie Avenue, Mombasa- Kenya (Opposite Blue Room Restaurant). The secretariat is open Monday to Friday during working hours and is run by a Programme Manager and 3 more

The Programmes

Our Mentorship sessions and interactions are professionally structured in order to achieve the intended results. We have developed a cord of conduct & ethics and policy guidelines for all our volunteer mentors to abide to.The youth involved as Mentees gain by boosting their self-esteem, confidence and desire to excel. They also gain valuable lessons on life skills, career, positive attitude, and discipline;avoidance of social evils including drug abuse, immorality and risky behavior. We also use our mentors in sensitization of the community and society as a whole on the importance of education as a tool for long term solution to improved quality of life, sustainable peace and more

Employability Seminar Series

Undugu Mentorship Initiative holds employability seminars for its mentors transiting to the job market . These seminars help in prepairing the mentors to be better people in the workplace and also in making them more applealing to the employers. Various professionals help in transforming the lives of the more

About the Wapwani Tusome Campaign

Wapwani Tusome Campaign is a call to all people living within Kenya's coast region to take the responsibility to ensure that the education standards in this region improve. This campaign is the initiative of Undugu Mentorship Initiative NGO, that is to be undertaken in collaboration with all stakeholders in education in this region. It takes a village to raise a child, and Undugu believes that it... also takes a village to educate one. It cannot be left to the teacher more


Strategic Direction

Strategically we have significant presence in Taita Taveta, Mombasa and Kwale Counties.However having been registered as an NGO in October 2012, and as the number of Mentors continue growing we endeavour to expand our presence in Coast Province and thereafter outside the province. As at April 2013, we had registered a total number to 80 active mentors.Going by this growth pattern, the organisation shall achieve her target of 200 active Mentors by the end of 2015 and therefore enabling more school to be reached.The organization has enrolled 12 schools for its core flagship Mentoring programme from 2013 to 2017. However, the organization has so far worked with more than 30 secondary schools in these counties.

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